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Hand in Hand Mentoring Program

Mrs. Margaret Lawhorn and her "C.H.A.R.M.S" girls.

We are here again today with another #TriumphantTuesday and today the focus is on our Mentoring program led by Mrs. Margaret Lawhorn. The mentoring program is a United Way of Kershaw County initiative and is just one of the ways we support our students.

Each week Margaret meets with children from 4th grade up to 8th grade to remind them that there are people who believe they can achieve their goals, regardless of their obstacles. Before today I had little to no idea what the mentoring program was really like so it was exciting to be able to sit in on one of these classes. The small room was filled with about ten young ladies waiting patiently for Mrs. Lawhorn's instruction. The girls all held up cards with different expressions on them to discuss how they were feeling today. After stating how they felt Margaret would encourage them and give them advice on how to handle their feelings. As I listened to the girls explain what they were feeling I realized that this once a week meeting may be the only time an adult is asking them how they are and truly listening. During a regular school day it is impossible for teachers and staff at a school to reach out to each and every student and check in with them so what Margaret is doing is imperative. The mentoring program is a great way for some students to receive the attention they need. Throughout this class Margaret taught these girls how to communicate, the importance of confidence, and that they are important.

At the end of the class the girls chanted "I am SPECIAL! There is no one else in the world like me. I can be anything I want to be. I am SPECIAL!"